Resist him standing firm in the faith. — 1 Peter 5:9

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Resist him standing firm in the faith. — 1 Peter 5:9

Resist Him:  Jezebel Liz Campbell the Assistant Prosecutor

If she could have gotten away with cackling like a witch she would have.  Yesterday two courageous and loving Christian men drove many hours to appear before her.  They’d been attacked viciously by a large, angry man hungry for the blood of babies.  The men brought the truth of Jesus Christ to the once OK Boy Scouts of America.  The organization is now possessed by demons and run by Satan himself.  Mark Trump, one of the men, calls them the Baal Scouts.

He, in fact, used that term with Assistant Prosecutor Jezebel.  She wasn’t impressed.  Assistant Prosecutor Jezebel is in West Virginia.  Her full name is Jezebel Liz Campbell.  She works for Magistrate Samuel D. Parsons in Fayetteville, West Virginia.  Her phone number is 304-574-4279.

Here’s what happened.  Back in July Mark Trump, Alan Hoyle, Ron Brock and I were on a mission to the International Scout Jamboree in West Virginia.  Somebody needs to confront the Scouts for abandoning their pledge to America to be morally straight.  Nobody will do it.  The four of us did.  The odds were pretty good.  It was four to forty thousand.  They lost.  We won.

We set up on a corner by which the buses full of scouts passed on their way into their orgified compound.  We held up signs beside the road and implored the passing buses full of Scouts to think about choosing sexual purity instead of fornication, sodomy and baby murder.  We looked and sounded no more foolish than Gideon’s 300 shattering their pots.  The truth refuses to be silenced.  That’s what the Leftist goons, like Jezebel Liz, don’t understand.  By choosing totalitarianism over the rule of law they are destroying their own movement.

And that is what Jezebel Liz clearly did yesterday with Mark and Alan.  She contributed to the destruction of her own ideology.  How did she do it?  She chose her political correctness over just simply enforcing the law.

Mark and Alan were the victims of theft and assault.  And the evidence isn’t their word against the bully.  A big man jumped out of his car.  He first attempted to destroy an anti-baby murder sign.  He couldn’t destroy it because of the durable material in the sign, so he then proceeded to enter the van with the sign when Alan grabbed the sign and took it back from him.  He then attacked Alan and Mark.  Mark videotaped the incident, including the license plate.

In a written commentary about yesterday’s court appearance Alan reports that the, “man assaulted me by hitting me with his fist, leaving my jaw out of joint and bringing black and blue bruises.”  Alan continues describing Jezebel Liz as, “more interested in the signs and what they said than the criminal charges and actions of the assailant.”

Alan writes, “She ended up refusing to allow the case to be heard, thus allowing the assailant to go free, with his resolve strengthened that he can continue to do worse to someone else, allowing him to walk.”

This next part is terrifying.  Alan says:

“It gets worse. I asked her to clarify. During our discussion, she stated that: I should have been the one arrested and she should call for my arrest, for exposing the sign (that was not even graphic) to children. I told her she was to uphold the Constitution and that the supreme Court had ruled before that even graphic signs were part of rights protected by the 1st Amendment. She stated she did not answer to the Constitution, but had vowed to the supreme Court and said after I questioned this, that the Constitution and the supreme Court was the same thing. So in essence, she was saying she could make up the rules as she saw fit and as she goes along. I told her she was bringing destruction onto our Country and she was making decisions based on her opinion. She stated that I was as well, and I told her I was going by the Holy Bible that I carried and by Natural Law, as she walked away in her rebellion.”

America is no longer a nation that operates by the rule of law.  Justice is obtained by title, riches and power.  Our nation is obviously corrupt from top to bottom now.  All that matters is the paycheck.

It was sooooo obvious at that Scout Jamboree.  I spent a full day there driving Ron Brock’s Truth Truck.  You can read all about it.  I wrote two columns about my experience.  They can be found at these links.

I suspect that most Americans think that political and religious free speech exist in America.  I used to think that way.  It’s a lie.  It only exists for the individuals and groups who have lawyers on their side who are willing to attack and not simply defend.  So called pro family legal groups cherry pick cases based on whether they think they can raise money during the legal wrangling.  They refuse to develop an offensive legal or political strategy aimed at protecting religious and political free speech.

Many think that the ACLU is the group that fights to protect Christian civil liberties.  They don’t.  They apply a Leftist political test to their work.  They hate Christians.

Over decades Christians have been trained to silence themselves about everything Jesus Christ taught regarding sexual morality, marriage, family, life and now gender.  It is barely acceptable for Christians to meekly suggest in public that scientific, sociological and psychological ideas consistent with the two millennium old faith are helpful.  But nobody had better dare claim that there is only one way to heaven, and that is through Jesus Christ.  Just ask Bernie Sanders.

Check out this video showing Sanders berating a Christian public official when you get a chance.

Peter told us in his letter quoted above to resist Satan.  Before saying that Peter wrote, “Humble yourselves, therefore, under the mighty hand of God so that at the proper time he may exalt you, casting all your anxieties on him, because he cares for you. Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.”

He has devoured the Baal Scouts and Jezebel Liz.  Has he devoured you?



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